Six Reasons I Think Vacationing Is SO Important

February 15, 2017


Traveling is a bonding and connecting experience, which can build and strengthen your relationships.  Jesse and I have tried to take a vacation at least once a year since we got married, whether it be just the two of us or with family. We normally go somewhere warm and tropical during the winter months while it's cold and nasty here in STL. Vacationing allows us to spend actual quality time together away from work, school, cell phones, computers, social media, email, and TV. The memories alone are worth it!


February 1, 2017


Hey there! Thanks for stopping by to read my blog! This is my first blog post and I am so excited to start sharing useful and interesting information with you! I’d like to talk about a topic I get asked about most – airbrush makeup. Choosing whether you want airbrush makeup for your wedding is a really important decision and being properly informed about it is a must! I’ve put together a list of questions and concerns that I get asked most often along with answers from my own personal training and experience.